Friday, October 22, 2010

Holiday Cards

Two of my dear friends, Sue and Sherry who also both happen to be demos, and I have been having more fun getting together to come up with ideas of ways to better market our workshops, cards, etc. Additionally we've just been having fun getting together and challenging ourselves to make cards.

One idea is to market our Christmas cards. Say if someone wants to do a particular Christmas card, they can choose from tons of pre-made designs in this book.

This front page tells them to choose a design, schedule a date to bring their friends and family to make the card (J'll have them pre-cut), and just place 50% down.

Then the fun part (other than making the cards of course) is looking through our book of pre-made cards and choosing a design.

Another project we have been working on it building our stock of sample cards for chosen stamp sets. For instance, each of us choose one stamp set. We make two cards using that stamp set. Then we precut the cards for each other and demonstrate them at our next get together. I'll demonstrate a stamp set by having them make two cards, then Sherry and Sue will do the same with their own chosen stamp set. After that, we trade stamp sets, go home and start the process over again. By the end of the third time we get together we will have 6 sample cards per stamp set to display -- that's 18 cards. And as each of us have different tastes, its great to show the versatility of each stamp set.

Okay, enough description. Here are the first set of cards made with our chosen stamp set. First, Sherry chose SIMPLE FRIENDSHIP: