Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Herbal Expressions, Clearly For You

I was thrilled when my daughter came home from school and actually asked me to make a card for one of her teachers. Then I felt bad once I learned why. Apparently one of her favorite teachers discovered that her younger sister was diagnosed with cancer this past weekend. Definitely a hard blow, but all the girls in Natalie's class (yes, its an all girl school) wanted to give the teacher something so Natalie volunteered that I would make a card that they could all sign. This is what we came up with together, lovingly cased from Faith's design. I'd add more about Faith's name or blog except that I don't know it. Sorry Faith. Click here to get the directions to make this card.

One of my most favorite card designers is Andrea Walford in Canada. If you haven't seen any of her designs you must visit her blog. She puts out the most amazing designs. Anyway, I saw this one and had to case it. I had not been that crazy about the beveled windows, nor the stamp set Clear For You from the previous mini, but loved it for this design. Click here for the directions to my card.

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§hawnie® said...

You make very beautiful cards! I'm glad you were listed on Kelly's Blog Finds.

~Shawnie B